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How are Classes Move

We minister to everyone, but our passion is to serve women in dance

Biblical Foundation

First Things First- SPIRIT

Each class starts off with biblical foundation, which is the word of God. This is the solid foundation for which it  is vital and essential to your personal relationship and ministry unto the Lord. We have to know the word to dance the word.

In Side Out

Uniquely  You -  SOUL

We teach liturgical dance to the whole women. Yes, we all have fingers, but we all have different fingerprints. You are anointed to be authentically unique they way God created you to be. It's not just a dance, it's a lifestyle, this includes our emotion health. We talk about our heart issues and encourage one another in  faith, hope, love and  fellowship within a community of women.

Bless Me With A Dance

How We Move- BODY

Along with exercise consisting of warm-up,

 conditioning and recovery we provide the following  Liturgical Dance classes: Praise Dance, Expressive Worship, and Warfare; through choreograph and dynamic movement through vocabulary training.

 Online Dance Classes are listed below​.

Please take note: If you are interested in,

  •  Limited in-person private classes for one-on-one and groups

  • For teaching, training, and workshops, for individuals  or more and groups of 3 or more women online or in-person prices are different from listing below. Rates varies, and custom packages are available.  

  • Please contact Min. Nikki for price and availability.

Our Classes We Offer

If you're interested in inviting Minister Nikki to teach Liturgical Dance or Fitness classes at your church, workshop, conference, or for speaking engagements—whether online or in person—please reach out via email at:

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