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Student Testimonials

Hear it From the Dancers

"I think the class was the perfect combination of dance, scripture and knowledge. It spoke to me as a person"


" To be in my sixties the exercise and dancing help motivate me to get my mind and body healthy. The classes uplifted my spirit, was refreshing and made me look forward to each class. You get caught up in the Spirit of the Lord and have the opportunity to fellowship with other saints."

Evangelist Mary

I had been one of Nicole's first dance students. I had really felt uncertain if I wanted to join one of her classes because of I felt insecure about my dancing abilities. However Nicole assured me that I didn't need any dancing experience just a open heart to learn. I joined the class and was amazed that someone could have the patience, knowledge and passion for teaching movement. The best part for me was a couple of things. 1. Enriching my knowledge on how dance works with the body of Christ. 2. Step-by- step exercises and instructions. 3. Being in a safe space where I felt comfortable enough to not be perfect, but to enjoy and try my best. I would highly recommend Nicole's dance class when it is available again to everyone, dancers, non-dancer, young and seasoned individual. It is also great especially if you cannot get out regularly for some exercise. It is really a blessing.

- Mariah

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