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Hear it from our students...

"Before I took this course I did not have as much knowledge or understanding of the purpose of wearing a garment and understanding the assignment that comes with it. Now,
leaving this course I know and have a better understanding and biblical principles I can practice being more effective in ministry."

Melene Joseph , Worship Dancer

Garment Study Online Course Graduate 

Florida,United States

Black Confetti Happy graduation Instagram Post.jpg
“Prior to the GSC ( Garment Study Course), I had the perception that the garments were only what I wore when I was Minister in dance. During GSC, I developed a new perception of the garments that I wore . I learned that my garments are not just what I wear on my outer body but what I actually wear in my heart… I want to share that I am encouraged to continue my journey as a dance minister. I have developed new insights in my role as a dance minister not being just a role but  an assignment used for the Lord's divine service.”

Roann Valburn, Minister of Dance

Garment Study Online Course Graduate

Pennsylvania, United States

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"I can truly say that garments do transform, because before this class how I looked at my garments, are totally different from how I see them now. Being a gifted artesian I knew that they
definitely were ordained and orchestrated by God. But what I didn’t know, realize and am so grateful for, is the deeper revelation and knowledge that was given and put into it, Garment Study Course."

Danielle  Sparks, Dance Minister

Garment Study Online Course Graduate

MichiganUnited States

Maria R GS Grad picture Diploma _edited.jpg
"My overall experience in the Garment Study online course has exceeded my expectations. I learned from Minister Nikki that there is no outer garment without an inner garment... I hope to continue with future courses, so that I can help other women to walk through the bible and   empower them on how to use their dance garments for the honor and glory of God. Thank you, Minister Nikki, for everything you have taught me in these last eight weeks... I will never look at my dance garments the same again."

Maria Rosado

Garment Study Online Course Graduate 

Caguas, Puerto Rico

Luzmar Headshot Photo.jpeg
" Even after going through many Christian dance classes, we went through studying the symbolism of colors and other elements, but never went through the deepness of the revelation of the Holy Spirit of what they meant. The course, (Garment Study) focused on Six Keys, now that I know them, they have transformed my life as a dance minister and are deeply intertwined with the key principles of my life as a Christian."

Luzmar Morales, Pastor

Garment Study Online Course Graduate 
Gurabo, Puerto Rico 



"Thanking God for your ministry! Words are not adequate to express just how God moved on us today & continues to move! 

Thank you Minister Nikki,

With love from the Denise’s!"

Dr. Denise Myers & Minister Denise Seymour

Private Liturgical Dance Workshop

Boston, MA

Hear it from the Organizations...

Yhinny headshot at MPDC.png
  "Nikki, the Liturgical Dance presentation was beautiful, graceful and so touching. It was a true pleasure working with you, as you worked with our youth through the SYPE six week summer workshop!"

Yhinny Matos | Youth Workforce Manager
Madison Park Development Corporation

Boston, MA


"I have gotten to know Nicole more over the past few years and she has and is an asset to our community. She listens, gives her heart, prays for us and shows up  with JOY, even in the hard times. Nicole has taught Worship Dance on several occasions to us. She is a gifted teacher! She is patient and kind."

Jennifer Allen,

Certified Personal Trainer and WellnessCoach

Cross Point Clinical Services

Springfield, MA

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