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Take Advantage of This!

Discover if Unboxing Barre Ballet is right for you !

I wanted to check in to see if you had a chance to review the resources I shared in my previous 

email.  I understand that you may need a little time to think about whether or not Unboxing Barre Ballet”, learn the basics is right for you. And that’s okay! I get it. 

That’s why I wanted to share some more helpful resources with you to help your decision: 

Here are some of the key benefits and possible outcomes of the course:

  • Learn basic ballet movements both on and off the barre, integrating faith and ballet.

  • Explore ballet history, terminology, and positioning techniques suitable for all levels.

  • Gain a deeper understanding of ballet terminology, enhancing vocabulary, technical proficiency, and safety while dancing.

  • Experience personal growth, skill refinement, and potential for teaching others.

  • Receive a certificate of completion upon finishing the course.

Take advantage of this deal, and grow in your mantle! Act now, It’ll be over in just a few days!

exclusive discount code: UBB25 

Until 5/26/24 11:59pm est.

My prayer is that you invest in you! 


Nikki West


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