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A Foreword Letter

As a certified Liturgical Dance Educator, my heart was overjoyed while experiencing the revelation knowledge during my study of the “Garment Study from the Inside Out Online Course.” Minister Nicole “Nikki’ West, whom I consider a friend as well as my sister in Christ, is thorough as she pours her heart into the content of this course.

During the course, the liturgical dance student takes a spiritual journey to gain or regain the Biblical understanding of what we wear and why we wear it! Beginning in the book of Exodus and chapter twenty-eight, the full attire of the Levitical Priest is broken down and exhorted for both Biblical and practical understanding. During the journey, Minister West goes deeper than just alluding to what is modest and what is not but touches on the mystery of the inner and outer garment colliding with one another, connecting, and bringing forth fruit that is lasting and effective for ministry.

I am writing this foreword on behalf of this divine work to compel the liturgical dance ministry team member, soloist, or leader to reinforce the principles of this course in their ministries and in their lives in general. This teaching can never be outgrown or taught too much. Minister Nicole “Nikki” West is a vessel that the Lord has given the mandate of sounding an alarm for consecration, vigilance, and fruit-bearing in these last days that we are living in.

The online course is structured in a way that the student can easily engage, take notes, and reflect on the heart as they evolve into a deeper understanding of becoming and attaining holy garments from the inside out!"

Minister Denise Cook-Godfrey

Minister/Liturgical Dance Educator/Author & Playwriter

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